The Daily Contemplation

Every day is the same as any other day. Every day is as important as any other day. We must look to today for happiness, enlightenment, progress, and virtue. Gratitude from and for morning and for and until night. Every day that passes is a day taken by death. Of that I am certain. Though I am uncertain I will wake up tomorrow. So today is the only certain hope of greatness. It is my choice to make it great.

Latest from the Blog

CMHS (Work in Progress)

Step 1: Acquire funding to purchase land and buy land Step 2: Invite the world and the sharing economy to build houses, yoga studio, library, and places for animals Step 3: Get 6 puppies, 2 cows, 1 horse, 10 chickens, 2 goats. Continually add puppies and chickens. Step 4: Ask the world for funding StepContinue reading “CMHS (Work in Progress)”

On Animals and Mostly Pets

I met the love of my life in Panama. She is a yellow white complexion, weighs about twenty pounds, and stands about a foot off the ground. Her favorite hobbies are jumping on my bed and licking my face, running on the beach, and chewing various objects. She is loving, kind, and playful. Her onlyContinue reading “On Animals and Mostly Pets”

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